Questions Asked in SSC CPO Exam

Questions Asked in SSC CPO Exam  Questions Asked In SSC CPO 2018 in Questions asked in all innings of the SSC CPO Exam. Questions asked in SSC CPOExam 12/13/14/15/16 March 2019Questions of today'sSSC CPO Exam 2018As we all know, the Staff Selection Commission (SSC) has successfully conducted SSC CPO 2018 examination in all innings on the 12/13, and the examination will continue in different shifts till March 16, 2019. Here we are providing you questions in the SSC CPO Exam which we have received from our students who have appeared forSSC CPO Exam 2018.The questions asked in the SSC CPO Exam 2018 are given below. These questions include the weightage of various subjects asked in different classes in Tier I. Questions Asked In SSC CPO 2018By taking a look at the list of questions asked in SSC CPO 2018, you will get an idea about the types of questions that may be asked in upcoming SSC CPO exam dates. Questions Asked in SSC CPO Exam Which dance is performe…

Not easy to free the earth from air pollution

Recently, the US Health Effects Institute released the 'State of Global Air 2019' report, claiming that 50 million people died in the world due to diseases such as heart attack, lung cancer, and diabetes during 2017. Hui. Out of this 30 lakh, people died due to PM 2.5 in the air. During this period, 1.2 million people died due to air pollution in India.

The main point of the report
In South Asia, the life of the children born in the present condition will be reduced by two and a half years. There will be a decrease of 20 months in global life expectancy.
The age of children born in South Asia due to pollution has decreased by two and a half years. At the global level, children are expected to be reduced to 20 months of age.
South Asia (India, Pak, Bangladesh, and Nepal) has been considered as the most polluted area. Here every year 1.5 million people are becoming victims of untimely death due to pollution.
Compared with road accidents and malaria, people are getting more d…

Is it necessary to show the serpent-witch to women in TV?

There is also a strange definition of entertainment. Or say that the scale is. Anything that involves the incident, story, everything that you either feel very happy or if you can not stop your emotions and start crying then it is entertainment. But is it necessary for this entertainment to show everything that is extremely dramatic and which has nothing to do with truth? Is it the only negative effect on the mind and heart? Sadly, today there is not a single entertainment channel that does not have at least two such serials in which women are not playing the character of a serpent, a witch or a ghost. The biggest complaint from TV is that the woman's character still shows in the 90s standards. Like the simple girl in the role of a good girl, silent girls, while the fast-moving women in the negative role. Not only this, if a girl gets some point, then the husband showers the support of God or parents, mother-in-law, after raising them.

Is it really necessary? And why is it not po…

Finance Commission Advice

In the current political environment, there is little hope that state governments will be willing to look at the advice of the Head of the Finance Commission to consider the financial discipline for the sustainability of the economy.

 The reason for this possibility is the competition of political parties to show favor to the farmers. This spree has got much faster after the results of the recent assembly elections in five states.

 Since the global elections are coming closer, therefore it can not be expected to stay in the immediate vicinity.

It is a contradiction that the heads of the Finance Commission are advising the states on financialdiscipline and on the other hand, the BJP's republic governments are not too far behind to resort to measures like debt waiver of farmers.

Whatever the President of the Finance Commission said, there is no such thing that the state governments do not know, but under the lucrative politics, they make decisions that harm the state's economy …

Review of angel tax

Review of angel tax
Under Section 56 (2) (7 B) of the Income Tax Act, there will be some relief to many startups and investors by issuing notification making easy relaxation of the exemption criteria from Angel Tax. This rule, effective from April 2016, also casts many objections. The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has been asked to assess each application within 45 heydays. This step may be welcomed but some issues need to be resolved.

There is no substantial legal provision regarding the realities related to investment in the startup. Some rules have been relaxed but the method of applying for the exemption is still complicated and the motives of the officers in the matters relating to exemption or demand for taxation go on. The exemption limit is also low as it applies to startup units earning 10 crores. 
There is no room for relaxation in the definition of the investor and the new explanation has also made the silence on the concept of a recent expert committee. This committee…

'Mission power' test now due to geo-strategic reasons

How can you destroy the object moving at a rate of three kilometers per second in space hundreds of kilometers away from the Earth? 'Mission power' showed that this object could be destroyed by the missile. The object could also be used with the use of laser rays or electronic pulse weapon. The question is, why would you do this? Satellite and ballistic missiles today are an essential part of the arsenal. The ability to destroy ballistic missiles and mess with satellite-based communication networks can be important. Such a technique can also be useful to protect against rising meteorites on Earth. Such celestial objects can cause massive destruction upon colliding with earth.

During US President Ronald Reagan (1980-88), he spent a lot of research and development on 'Star Wars' project for ballistic missile defense. The then Soviet Union had a lack of financial resources to combat the US and arms race pushed it towards a deep economic crisis. This led to the collapse o…

'Nota' in Democracy

The futures made by the candidates during the elections in India and the breakdown of their votes after coming to power went off in the voters. In order to express this fury, the public was looking for such an option, to deny the candidates who disliked it.

Listening to this voice of the voter, the Supreme Court has ordered theElection Commissionto provide 'Nota of the Above' button in the EVM in a historic decision of 2013. There were two objectives behind it. (1) If the candidate does not have a choice, the voter can use this button. That must be the poll. (2) Keep the pressure on the political parties to stand up to good candidates.
For the first time, 1.5 million people used it after getting the option of 'Nota' in 2013 Nearly six million people chose this option in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. It was more than the total votes received by 21 parties.

Since 2015 it has been implemented in the whole country. In the year 2018, it was given the status of the country&…